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Stainless Steel Laser Cutting, Aluminum Laser Cutting, & Mild Steel Laser Cutting

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Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. remains on the cutting edge with the newest technology available. With cutting capabilities up to 0.75" on mild steel and cutting speeds that surpass the competition, we can accurately process a large amount of material in a very short period. We have the capability to run 24 hrs a day unmanned, With our new Mazak Mark II Super Turbo-X FMS system we can better react and expand to meet customer needs in a short period of time. We offer 2D & 3D (6 axis) lasers for the process of pre-formed parts. With our Space Gear-48 MK II we also perform 3D cutting of bent tube, including rectangular and triangular pipe as well as C, H, I and L beams. The multi-axis torch and simultaneously controlled chuck fabricate, in one operation, precise angle cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced, complex contours such as saddle joint cuts. Our space cam software generates NC code from a 3D CAD drawing, imported or crafted in the system, and it performs pre-cut simulations. It also automatically generates codes for a slot-and-tab workholding fixture. We cut all types of materials so please send your request for quote today!!


Equipment List

  • Mazak Super Turbo- x 48 Mk II 2D FMS Laser 2500 WATTS
  • Mazak Space Gear- 48 MK II 3D Laser 2500 WATTS
  • Brake Press 18.00 x 120.00 12 GAGE
  • Material


    Maximum Material Size

    1250 x 2500mm (49.2 in. x 98.4 in.) X 109.3 Y 50.00 Z 16.50 C AXIS 12 FT LONG

    Thickness Range

    Mild stainless up to 0.75 , Stainless Steel up to 0.375 , Aluminum up to 0.312 , Brass

    Quality Control

    ISO 9001-2000 Certified

    Preferred Drawing File Types

    Formed Stampings & Tube data, Solid's , IGS, DWG, DXF, MC9

    Other Services

  • Custom tube bending & fabricating
  • CNC Milling & Lathe
  • Welding services (robotic, orbital, spot, etc - please see our welding capabilities)
  • Stock tube bends, elbows, tees in our product catalog
  • Industries Served

    We have extensive experience in the medical, transportation, RV, semi conductor, aerospace, furniture, agricultural and defense industries


    Newark, California

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